New upgrade UGG Let classic some more surprises!

The first female global brand ambassador Rosie Hendington – Whitley appeared in Shanghai UGG ® classic upgrade series


In this layer of cool autumn in September, Deckers Decker’s high-end lifestyle brand UGG ® held in Shanghai, a spectacular new series of classic upgrade conference. Rosberg Huntington-Whiteley, the first woman’s brand ambassador for the world’s most prestigious UGG® woman, has come to Shanghai and UGG® to witness this wonderful moment. In the conference site, Rosie is not only an elegant display of UGG ® classic upgrade boots, as always, fashion sense, and vividly lifted the remodeling of the classic upgrade series after the mysterious veil – the new classic not only has waterproof antifouling pretreatment shoes Surface, and soles equipped imitation ugg pas cher with UGG ™ light wing technology, making the wear experience more lightweight wear. At the same time, Rosie is still on the scene to share her fall in California shooting the brand awareness of feelings, « I have always loved UGG ® kind of soft and luxurious feelings, » Luo Qian ugg bailey bow femme stressed that « can be selected as UGG ® The first female global brand ambassador made me feel very honored, especially the brand and my own way of life has a perfect fit point ugg bailey bow. No matter where I live, UGG ® always bring me the general feeling.

Metamorphosis show field, the tide take all Cheats

Tightly around the « transformation » of the subject, UGG? New conference to depict a break cocoon into the creative dance kicked off.

In addition to the classic upgrade series of new stunning debut, UGG ® also joined the star stylist Jiangnan BoyNam for the classic family of other series to create a variety ugg bailey bow noir of autumn and winter style, effortlessly interpretation of modern California fashion, classic diaochu different styles, Different colors, styles and organic collisions, classical elements and the trend of a single product carefully mix and match, so you get one step faster get the latest autumn and winter to wear ugg soldes 2014 a guide! Whether it is to show the classic series of surprises transformation, to create a very luxurious luxury classic series,ugg bailey button mini pay attention to the classic temperament temperament series, interpretation of the classic style of the young street with the wind series,ugg classic mini gris or highlights the cute classic V series of shoes collar series, UGG ® classic family can give you want to mix and match, the same classic inner.

Add a little change, so familiar with the more classic

Well-known UGG ® classic, has been a beautiful girl every closet in the secret. Each fall and winter as long as there is a pair of UGG ® classic boots, for them, there will be no cold and difficult to mix with the troubles. In addition to the consistent quality of the classic heritage, UGG ® has been bottes ugg femme exploring how to make everyone must have become more classic classic put it down, to wear a sense of familiar and then add some surprises? The release of the new flagship fall and winter – UGG ® classic upgrade series, giving every urban women with the possible autumn and winter.

UGG ® in follow the core elements of the classic, based on the classic upgrade series to match the more powerful functionality:

Waterproof anti-fouling fur one

Uppers with « Si Kejiad » waterproof anti-fouling coating process, so that every wearer even in the rain and snow weather can easily take care of styling, maintaining a sense ugg homme grise of fashion effortlessly.

Light wing outsole technology

Soles are equipped with UGG ™ exclusive light wing technology, weight is only one-third of ordinary soles, not only significantly enhance the sense of foot support,ugg mini noir 37 but also in the moment to wear shoes instantly experience the freedom to feel like foot, while more non-slip Wear.

In this rain and snow from time to time hit the fall and winter, so UGG® warm accompany you firmly through it!